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TinCanFish Sampler - 6 Pack

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Receive 6 random cans of premium tinned seafood from Iberian brands such as Bela, Briosa, Good Boy, Jupiter, La Gondola, Manna, Manna Gourmet, Minerva, Palacio De Oriente, Porthos. 

Each Bela tin contains fat, plump sardine so big they can only fit 3/5 per can. Briosa finds the perfect mix of high quality wild fish and olive oil and sauces for the tastiest fish you can get. Porthos tinned fish tastes amazing and is located in Matosinhos, an area well known for its fishing traditions.  Jupiter, Good Boy, and Manna brands represent the southern Portuguese coastline include recipes and fish that are typical to the Algarve region.  Minerva and La Gondala represent the northern Portuguese coast with production methods and sauces typical of this region.  Palacio de Oriente hails from the Galician coast with a selection of tinned seafood that Spain is famous for exporting.


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