February Catch of the Month: Perfect Pairs

$49.99 $70.00 -29% OFF

February Catch of the Month: Perfect Pairs

$49.99 $70.00 -29% OFF

The price of this item will revert back to $70.00 at the end of this countdown.

Product description

With Valentine's Day fastly approaching, our Catch of the Month is the Perfect Pairing to any special dinner or friends-night-in! 

We’ve paired two delicious tins of the same fish, from different brands! This way you can sample a combination of tasty tins across the wide variety of brands we carefully select from the sea.   

Savory sardines, meaty mackerel, and scrumptious codfish make this catch the one you must scoop up!

This month's box includes:

  • Sardines in Olive Oil - BELA (Euro Label)
  • Sardines in Olive Oil - Cantara Creative
  • Sardines in Lemon - BELA (USA Label)
  • Sardines in Lemon - La Gondola
  • Sardines in Tomato - Manná (Blue Label)
  • Sardines in Tomato - Cantara Creative
  • Horse Mackerel Fillets in Olive Oil - Jupiter
  • Horse Mackerel Fillets in Garlic & Parsley - Good Boy
  • Mackerel Fillets in Oregano Olive Oil - Manná Gourmet (Black Label)
  • Mackerel Fillets in Lemon Thyme - Good Boy
  • Codfish Portuguese Style - BELA
  • Codfish w/ Allspice and Laurel - Varina Chef Vitor Sobral 

TOTAL: 12 Items for $49.99 // $9.99 for 1-time delivery // No charge for delivery if a COTM subscriber // Like Items Replaced if out of stock.

BONUS ITEM: Briosa Mackerel Fillets in Olive Oil.

*** Note: If you subscribe to the Catch of the Month, you will receive a different box each month. ***

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