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September's Catch of the Month: Fall Flavors & Colors

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This Month we highlight the many brands and flavors in our portfolio. From the Algarve to Galicia and the coastline in between September's box offers Tuna, Sardines, Mussles, Mackerel, Anchovies featured in Savory tomato-based sauces to vinaigrettes and spicy Piri-Piri.

Also, the famous Tavira salt beds from the Algarve are included to add to your dishes and cooking with Tinned Fish or fresh proteins. A significant value of more than $65 dollars at the box rate of $49.99, and if you subscribe the shipping is free and a bonus shaker of Sal De Flor making this box the best bargain to date. 

Box includes:

  • 2 Manná Gourmet Flavors: Mackerel Flites in Mustard and Sardines in Lemon Vinaigrettes (TCF exclusive)
  • 2 Manná Standard Flavors: Tomato and Tomato Picante
  • 2 Good Boy Brand: Anchovy Escabeche & Filets of Mackerel in Lemon and Thyme (TCF exclusive)
  • 2 Palacio de Oriente: Tuna in Olive Oil (low-salt) & Mussels in Galacian Sauce
  • 1 Lucas Brand: Sardines in Tomato
  • 1 Briosa Brand: Skinless & Boneless in Tomato Sauce
  • 1 BELA Brand: Sardines in Piri Piri, Lightly Smoked
  • 1 La Gondola: Sardines with Spiced Olive Oil and Pickles
  • 1 Minerva: In Olive Oil (plain, as a controlled tasting item )
  • 1 Porthos Brand: In Brine (as a controlled tasting item)
  • 1 Sal de Tavira: Flor de Sal with Oregano (a Mediterranean delight to crust fish and steaks & add to cooking dishes)
  • 1 Sal de Tavira: Flor de Sal Plain (BONUS with Subscription)
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