Chef's Level Collection


Chef's Level Collection

Product description

Our Stocking Stuffer includes 7 items: 

  • Talisman EVOO** - Brand from Trás-os-Montes Region in Portugal 
  • Rui Simeao - Flor De Sal 8oz Brining and Plating Salt
  • Dama - Boneless Sardines in Organic EVOO
  • Varina - Codfish Variety
  • Cantara Creative - Octopus in EVOO
  • BELA - Hand Carved Tuna Filets in EVOO w/ Piri-Piri
  • Portuguese Crackers for Snacking & Plating

** The Best Buy on these bottles in 12/2022.  However, the product is stored in high quality dark glass bottle extending the use by date significantly.  Furthermore, these are housed in dark cardboard boxes and stored in a cool temperature controlled atmosphere.  We guarantee the flavor profile upon receipt of the product regardless of the best buy date.  It is uniquely delicious and decadent!

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