Our Brands

About The Brands We Carry

All of our products are sourced from Portuguese companies with the highest quality tinning standards and fishing practices that are good for our planet. We also make sure that every tin sold is rigorously tested to prevent dangerous levels of contaminants like mercury.

There are a lot of poor quality fish products on the market today and to be honest, it's pretty sad. You will never find products on our site filled with garbage. Only the tastiest fish packed with high-quality ingredients.

Below you will find more information on all the specific brands on our shelves.



BELA Brand Seafood is the top standard among all brands. BELA  uses organic oils, sustainably caught seafood, BPA free cans and jars, and traditional production methods. BELA sardines are MSC certified, BELA tuna is pole and line caught, BELA EVOO is a top grade Portuguese olive oil. BELA's beautiful packaging looks as good in your cabinet as it does on your plate! 



Briosa is a canned fish factory based in Figueira da Foz. Established in August 1991, it is a family business. Figueira da Foz is a top fish port and Briosa benefits from the constant supply of fresh fish.

Briosa Gourmet line uses the finest fish, oils, and traditional packing methods from Portugal. The design is modeled after Portuguese tiles and hand wrapped. 

Briosa Gourmet offers alternate varieties, like skinless and boneless sardines in the best olive oil, spiced varieties, codfish, and much more. This is the real Portuguese caviar!



With over 100 years of history, Porthos is produced by Conservas Portugal Norte, a company with a long tradition in the manufacture and sale of canned fish. They are family-owned, from founding in 1912 all the way to the present day.

Originally founded in the fishing village of Sesimbra, in the 1940's Conservas moved to Matosinhos, where they built out their canneries.

The fish that gets packed into tins arrives every day from a fishing port that is located less than 10 minutes from the factory. Preserves range from tuna, mackerel, horse mackerel, mackerel, cod, and other qualities of fish with a variety of flavors and condiments.

This is a typical product in quality and flavor that you'd find on your table everyday!



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Minerva is one of several brands owned by A Poveira, operating since 1938, succeeding a French factory, located in Póvoa do Varzim, founded in 1920.

A Poveira has produced sardines for 75 years using traditional methods, ensuring their fish are some of the best and healthiest in the world.

Their sardine fishing with purse seine is certified by MSC - Marine Stewardship Council.

Poveira has also received certification from the prestigious Halal (HCS) in canned sardines and mackerel.