Talisman Extra Virgin Olive Oil - TinCanFish
Talisman Extra Virgin Olive Oil $17.99
This PREMIUM Portuguese brand produces only the finest olive oil. Located in Trás-dos-Monte, a historical province of northeastern Portugal, Talisman stays true to their roots in the production harvesting and production methods of their delightful olive oil. Single varietal olives make up this finishing or cold cooking olive oil.  We suggest using this special EVOO sparingly to finish your hot dish, whip up an incredible vinaigrette or put it on beautiful ceramic plate and use for dipping with your favorite baguette.  Sure to impress the most advanced pallet with the "WOW" factor.  Imported directly by TCF from the grower, this bottle  of olive oil is very hard to find and is priced fairly and cost effectively as you would find similar bottles well over the $50 mark.  Our suggestion...stock up and put it in a dark corner of the cabinet to use all year long! ** The Best By on these bottles in 12/2022.  However, the product is stored in high quality dark glass bottle extending the use by date significantly.  Furthermore, these are housed in dark cardboard boxes and stored in a cool temperature controlled atmosphere.  We guarantee the flavor profile upon receipt of the product regardless of the best buy date.  It is uniquely delicious and decadent!