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What Kind of Fish Are Sardines?

What Kind of Fish Are Sardines?

Definitions for sardines vary by location. Many species of small fish are called sardines and may be sold in stores. However, true sardines are a particular species of fish.
Lent Fish

Lent Fish: Why Is Fish Even Allowed During Lent? The Age-Old Myth

The tradition of going without warm-blooded animal protein likely dates back further than we think, and along the way became intertwined with the global fish market. Why is fish allowed? Are other meats allowed?
Too Much Tuna

Can You Eat Too Much Tuna? Healthy Tuna Portion Sizes

Tuna is delicious and nutritious, but it is important to keep your tuna consumption within healthy levels. Mercury exposure is an important consideration when adding tuna to your diet. So, exactly how much tuna is safe to eat? It depends...  
health benefits of tuna

Surprising Health Benefits of Eating Tuna

Besides being a low-fat protein, tuna carries some essential nutrients that may decrease the risk of heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure. What are some of the most surprising benefits that tuna could have on our health?

How Omega-3s and Muscle Growth Are Linked

Extensive research has been conducted into what exactly these fatty acids do for our health. Many fats are created by our bodies themselves. Omega-3 fatty acids are a type of essential fat. This means that our bodies don't create them, we have to eat them.


sardines for paleo diet

Including Sardines in Your Paleo Diet

Sardines are a great addition to any diet but are particularly well suited to the paleo diet. They are a nutritious, cost-effective, and easy choice!
Anchovies Versus Sardines: The Ultimate Debate

Anchovies Versus Sardines: The Ultimate Debate

Anchovies and sardines have likely been an important food source for humans for thousands of years. Various claims are made about the habitat, habits, and nutrition of these small fish - but what is really true? When it comes to the question of anchovies versus sardines, which one is better?
canned tuna protein

Why Canned Tuna Is the Best Protein You Can Get

This low-fat, shelf-stable fish contains essential nutrients including a ton of protein!  Canned tuna is a great way to get the protein you need in addition to vital nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids and selenium. 

mercury in tuna, canned tuna

How Much Mercury Is in Tuna?

Eating too much mercury has bad health consequences for humans. None of us want that! However, a small amount of mercury won’t affect your health. So, how much tuna is safe to eat on a regular basis? 
Are Sardines Good for Your Skin?

Are Sardines Good for Your Skin?

While no food accomplishes every dietary goal, many provide legitimate health benefits due to a higher amount of a specific nutrient. Today, let’s examine one of these examples: are sardines good for your skin?

sustainably caught fish, fishing

Does Sustainably Caught Fish Taste Better? Yes, and Here's Why

Sustainably caught seafood provides more nutrients, tastier meals, and a clean conscience!