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Hot & Spiced Iberian Tinned Fish: 6-Pak - TinCanFish Hot & Spiced Iberian Tinned Fish: 6-Pak - TinCanFish
Hot & Spiced Iberian Tinned Fish - 6 Pack $36.00
6 (six) assorted tins of Iberian Peninsula hot and spiced brands and varieties.  This random assortment will introduce the novice to the the may brands and flavors available.  Similarly this combination will satisfy the connoisseur who is looking for quality fishes and spices from one of the oldest global spice trading regions.   Pairing of crackers are included for an easy snack. Shipping included! SPICED FLAVORS VARIETIES INCLUDE: Piri-Piri - Portugal's most famous hot-pepper!  Mild by world hot pepper scales, but has a long finish that is great with a smoke hinting and perfect accompaniment for tinned fish.  Can be aroma or the actual pepper. Escabeche - Iberian staple sauce that is vinegar based and may include flavors like tomato paste, onion, garlic, sugar and salt.  Sublime and a great sauce for fish. Escabeche Piquante - A spicy version of the Iberian's most famous sauce. Hot Tomato - Tomato based with added spice flavoring. Spiced Flavor - This is not necessarily hot spicy, but spiced with with ingredients like cardamom and/or cloves and usually includes slice of carrot or cucumber.  Often times there is a hot pepper included, but usually muted. Sample Brands and Flavors: BELA, Briosa, Good Boy, La Gandola, Manna, Manna Gourmet, Minerva, Palacio Do Oriente, Porthos.  (6 randomitems total)
MAR BRAND - Variety Pack(6) - TinCanFish MAR BRAND - Variety Pack(6) - TinCanFish
MAR Brand Variety Pack - 6 Pack $42.00
The MAR Brand Variety Pack developed by a 4th generation cannery family; Senhor Real- Reynal, and includes Sardines, Mackerel and Codfish. Produced with utmost care and detail to ingredients and production methods Mar represents classic quality and taste  The label artwork features sea charts and a compass recalling the master Portuguese navigators and explorers and also offering a path in todays confusing landscape of tinned seafood. Portuguese Mackerel Filets in Organic EVOO Portuguese Mackerel Filets Portuguese style (Carrot, Clove, Onion, Piri-Piri) Portuguese Small Mackerel (Whole; No Heads, No Tails, Not Filets) in Organic EVOO Portuguese Sardines in Organic EVOO Portuguese Sardines in Organic Tomato Sauce Bacalhau (Codfish) Portuguese style with Garlic & Onions * MAR Brand is imported to the USA exclusively by Tin Can Fish and is available in the USA with no delivery fee to all 50 states. *   MAR Brand was produced in the summer and fall of 2021.  The flavors are clean and bright.  Order 1-pack for today and 1-pack to keep in the cupboard and marinate for a year.  
VARINA BRAND - Variety Pack - TinCanFish VARINA BRAND - Variety Pack - TinCanFish
VARINA Brand Variety Pack - 7 Pack $56.00
The VARINA Brand Variety Pack includes Sardines prepared SEVEN different ways, all of which are inspired by world-renowned chefs.  Each can of Varina represents a different interpretation by chef and artist blending tradition and modern Portuguese regional culture. Sardines in Olive Oil, Lemon & Thyme (Chefe Joao Rodrigues) Sardines in Olive Oil with Parsley, Green Mint, Green Cardamom, and Pink Pepper (Chefe Rui Paula) Sardines in Olive Oil with Oregano & Chili Pepper (Chefe Bertilio Gomes) Sardines in Olive Oil with Basil, Jamaica Pepper, and Cinnamon (Chefe Vitor Sobral) Sardines in Olive Oil with Mint, Green Cardamom, and Piri-Piri (Chefe Diogo Rocha) Sardines in Olive Oil with Oregano, Ginger, Black Pepper, and Coriander (Chefe Noelia Jeronimo) Sardines in Olive Oil with Sweet Chili pepper and Spicy Smoked Paprika (Henrique Sa Pessoa) This Portuguese-sourced brand imported exclusively by Tin Can Fish packs a delicious punch. With it's wide array of options, this Variety Pack has enough in store for everyone to enjoy! * Note - may replace varieties with another Varina variety if inventory runs low.  You always will receive 7 Varina Brand items. *  This special kit has delivered pricing to your door.  Shipping is 2-3 days via USPS or FedEx. Available in US only - all 50 states.
Flor De Sal Pack - TinCanFish
Flor De Sal Pack $29.99
A pack sure to make anyone smile!  Featuring: - Flor De Sal from Rui Simeao Tavira- 1 La Gondola Sardines in Olive Oil w/ Lemon- 1 BELA Lightly Smoked Sardines in Organic Lemon Flavored EVOO- 1 Lucas Portuguese Sardines in Olive Oil- Assorted Crackers FREE SHIPPING!!!

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Bela Lightly Smoked Sardines in Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 12 Pack - TinCanFish Bela Lightly Smoked Sardines in Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 12 Pack - TinCanFish
Bela Lightly Smoked Sardines in Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 12 Pack from $48.00
These are not your "average" grocery store sardines. Each tin contains fat, plump sardine fillets so big they can only fit 3 per can. Each tin of "steak" quality sardines is packed in top shelf organic extra virgin olive oil. Not too salty, not too "fishy", just right. Sustainably wild-caught off the non-industrial European coastline Hand packed within 8 hours of catch for ultimate freshness Packed in organic extra virgin olive oils and organic sauces BPA free Low levels of mercury and other contaminants Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids that may contribute to heart disease prevention Only FULL fillets. No chopped up little pieces here! MSC certified sustainable, Kosher, and delicious Easy-open tins designed to travel without puncturing And if the fresh, light, amazing taste isn’t enough for you, these sardines are a good source of vitamin D and calcium. Sardines are protein packed, low calorie, and no carbs. A perfect snack for low-carb or keto diets, or a night of tapas.  
Porthos Tuna - TinCanFish Porthos Tuna - TinCanFish
Porthos Tuna - 3 Pack $19.99
Porthos is one of the oldest and largest canned fish factories in Portugal. It is located in Matosinhos, an area well known for its fishing traditions. Porthos sardines are some of the tastiest sardines you can get mixed with olive oil and sauces.  Available packed in Olive Oil, Vegetable Oil, Hot Vegetable Oil, Tomato Sauce, and Brine  Comes in a case of 3 Tuna has high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, in addition to being a source of several vitamins and minerals- especially vitamin D. Not only are they nutritious, but they're also extremely tasty! 
Minerva Mackerel in Olive Oil - TinCanFish
Minerva Mackerel in Olive Oil - 6 Pack $50.00
These juicy mackerel fillets have just the right amount of top-shelf olive oil in them. FULL fillets in every tin means no chopped up pieces!  6-pack Big fillets loaded with protein, omega-3s, and flavor Sustainably fished off the non-industrial coast of Portugal Hand processed and packed for the highest quality Halal & Kosher No Added Sugar The perfect snack for low-carb or Keto diets. Turn your tapas night into a calcium & vitamin D packed event!
Briosa Gourmet Spiced Sardines in Olive Oil - 6 pack - TinCanFish
Briosa Gourmet Spiced Sardines in Olive Oil - 6 Pack $33.00
Briosa Gourmet Spiced Sardines in Olive Oil (Sardinhas em Azeite Picante com Condimentos). These portuguese spiced sardines are the perfect mix of high quality wild fish and olive oil. Briosa finds the perfect combination of experience in the production of traditional portugeuse preserves and effective technologies. BRC Global Standards meeting the requirements of the international food safety management system Rich in omega-3 fatty acids that prevent heart disease Packed in organic olive oil Package contains: 120g These sardines are a natural and tasty seafood with a good source of Vitamin D and calcium. Delicious spiced sardines are perfect as a main dish, as a garnish, with sandwiches and with different kinds of salads!


We source the best quality seafood, seasonings, and pantry items from premium brands along the Iberian peninsula. Our goal is to provide US-based customers top-shelf products from local communities and small villages along the European coastline.


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