Portuguese Tinned Mackerel (Assorted Variety) - 6 Pack


Portuguese Tinned Mackerel (Assorted Variety) - 6 Pack

Product description

6 (six) assorted tins of imported Portuguese produced Mackerel(Cavala) varieties.  This random assortment is a curated flight that highlights the different production methods and flavors throughout Portugal. Mackerel is a firm & rich tasting oily fish with high health & wellness attributes, but when tinned the flavor mellows.  Tinned mackerel is great when served directly out of a can or can be used in recipes due the firmness that flakes more like tuna than sardines. 

A Pairing of crackers are included for an easy snack.

Shipping included!


  • Whole Mackerel - BELA & Manna use the whole mackerel with skin & bones(both edible), but no head, tails, or scales.  Amazing presentation and plating due to the striking pattern and great for coating and frying
  • Mackerel Filets - the most common tinned method due to the size that lends itself very well for the inclusion of recipes like salads, soft tacos, or omelets.


  • Piri-Piri - Portugal's most famous hot-pepper!  Mild by world hot pepper scales, but has a long finish that is great with a smoke hinting and perfect accompaniment for tinned fish.  Can be aroma or the actual pepper.
  • Escabeche - Iberian staple sauce that is vinegar based and may include flavors like tomato paste, onion, garlic, sugar and salt.  Sublime and a great sauce for fish.
  • Escabeche Piquante - A spicy version of the Iberian's most famous sauce.
  • Spiced Flavor - This is not necessarily hot spicy, but spiced with with ingredients like cardamom and/or cloves and usually includes slice of carrot or cucumber.  Often times there is a hot pepper included, but usually muted.
  • Mustard - A classic vinaigrette 
  • Portuguese Preparation - with carrot, onion, clove and piri-piri
  • Garlic & Parsley
  • Mediterranean - with Oregano

Sample Brands and Flavors:

  • BELA, Briosa, Good Boy, Jupiter, Manna, Manna Gourmet, Minerva, (6 random items total)
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