Emporium Spiced Sardine Pate - 3 Pack


Emporium Spiced Sardine Pate - 3 Pack

Product description

The Emporium brand takes great pride in reflecting antiquity and preservation of tradition, respecting the productive methods of the company's ancestors to produce high quality products. Founded in 1932 by António Pinhal, great-grandfather of António Manuel Pinhal, this brand has exported its products to almost all of Europe, mainly on the Italian market. 

 - Made from real sardines

- High quality vegetable oil, carrots, tomatoes

- Perfect amount of salt and spices 

- No additional dyes of preservatives added

Enjoy on crackers, bread, as a dip, or stuffed into veggies. There are endless ways to get creative with pâté snacks. Great for parties and picnics!

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