Manná Mackerel Fillets in Mustard Sauce - 6 Pack


Manná Mackerel Fillets in Mustard Sauce - 6 Pack

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Product description

MANNÁ New Label is a produced at the famed Algarvian conservas factory.  The production methods are the highest quality with twice cooked perfection and expert hand processing and hand packing.  This label of Manna contains premium fish and combines the finest care and production methods. 

These filets of mackerel are skinless and boneless and have a neutral flavor. Many compare the texture and flavor to tuna and in fact many people refer to mackerel as fake tuna due to its' similarities.

European Mustard Sauce is more of what Americans might call a vinaigrette compared to our thick mustards. The color is a pale yellow and the taste is sublime when partnered with the filets of Mackerel. 

This is a unique product and a very popular item at TCF! 

We are offering this 6-pack for $36.00.  Get Some!

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