Portuguese Tuna Assorted Variety - 6 Pack


Portuguese Tuna Assorted Variety - 6 Pack

Product description

This special variety pack includes 6 (six) randomly assorted cans (or jars) of some of Portugal's premium Tuna's from an array of brands including Bela, Briosa, DAMA, Porthos, and more! Like our other specialty packs, this is designed for those who would like an introduction to the many flavors and brands we have available at TinCanFish. 

Shipping included!


  • Solid Pack
  • Fillets 
  • Skipjack Fillets
  • Ventresca (Tuna Belly)


  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
  • Brine water
  • Hot/regular vegetable oil
  • Olive Oil with Piri-piri
  • Olive oil with dill herbs 
  • Chickpeas, black eyed peas
  • Onion & Laurel
  • Extra Virgin Olive oil with Smoke Flavor
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