Tomato Lovers Variety Pack - 6 Pack


Tomato Lovers Variety Pack - 6 Pack

Product description

The sometimes sweet and sometimes savory TOMATO is a perfect complement to the Sardina Pilchardus, the original sardine.  When produced in the expert hands of the Portuguese and Spanish canneries that dot the seascape from the Algarve to the Galician coast sardines in tomato are a special treat.  The acidity of the tomato interacts with the qualities of the fish that support the taste in a entirely different way than the oils and escabeche flavors that are regularly found in these regions.   In this pairing 1+1 is definitely greater than 2 on the taste bud scale!

Perhaps the best attribute is that these cans can be enjoyed straight from the can, but also are ready for preparation in all sorts of dishes from a cataplana to pasta con la sarde.  

We choose a random 6 cans from the array of choices for $36.  If 6 is not enough double up to get the an even greater selection, or pair with our spicy tinfest random-6!


Muito Obrigado!

Pedro & Crew



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