VIEIRA Water Cracker w/ Olive Oil and Olive - 192g


VIEIRA Water Cracker w/ Olive Oil and Olive - 192g

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Product description

Classic Water Cracker with a hint of Olive and Olive Oil

  • Softer than a cream cracker but still with a nice snap
  • Approx. 2' round - perfect single bite size
  • Perfect complement to the Pate & Spreads
  • Box includes 12 packs of 5 crackers, 60 crackers total


Ingredients: Wheat flour, green olives (green olives, salt), virgin olive oil, corn starch, palm fat, dextrose, whey, malt extract, wine vinegar (sulphites), ammonium bicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate, natural and artificial flavors, sodium metabisulphite(preservative)

Contains: wheat, milk, soy, sulfites, made in a facility that processes eggs, peanuts, and tree nuts

Product of Portugal

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