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wild-caught vs farm-raised debate

Wild-Caught vs. Farm-Raised Fish: The Ultimate Debate

Though farmed fish has a bad reputation, it is not as simple as farmed fish = bad and wild fish = good. Farming practices, fishing practices, and flavor preferences are all important considerations. The debate between buying farmed or wild fish is complex; dive into the details of this important discussion!
peri peri peppers

What Is Peri Peri (or Piri Piri) Sauce?

 It is a spicy topping of African origin, an artifact of Portuguese colonization of Africa. Today we’ll explore the sauce’s history and better understand: what is peri peri sauce?
what do sardines eat? what eats sardines?

What Do Sardines Eat? And What Eats Sardines? A Lesson in Food Chains

In their natural habitat, sardines are part of a complex food web. Understanding their natural prey and predators helps us better understand and protect the ecosystems they live in.
Lisbon, 15 traditional portuguese foods to try

15 Traditional Portuguese Foods to Try

Portugal's proximity to the water has most notably influenced its dishes in the way of seafood, but it is also known for exquisite meat dishes, desserts, and drinks. Let’s take a trip to the kitchen and explore 15 Traditional Portuguese Foods to Try.
What is aquaculture

What Is Sustainable Aquaculture?

Farmed fish has a bad reputation for being environmentally unfriendly. However, sustainable aquaculture is possible and can be a viable source of protein as we move away from beef and other resource-intensive meats. What exactly is sustainable aquaculture?
Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are re-evaluating our processes in order to make sure that our customers receive their product on time, without overwhelming our shipping partners.
what is bycatch?

What Is Bycatch? How to Avoid Supporting Bycatch

The global fishing industry is staggeringly large and continues to grow every year. But along with this growth comes a significant consequence: bycatch. What exactly is bycatch? And how can we avoid supporting it?
are sardines sustainable?

Are Sardines Sustainable? Depends on the Fishery

Particularly with food habits, we can be part of massive industry shifts based on the companies we support and the food products we buy. So what about sardines? Are they sustainable? Well, it all depends on the fishery.
environmental & health benefits of sardines

The Environmental and Health Benefits of Eating Sardines

Sardines represent one of the more sustainable, healthiest additions to your diet. They are abundant in the ocean, healthy on your plate, and won’t hurt your wallet too much either.
What Kind of Fish Are Sardines?

What Kind of Fish Are Sardines?

Definitions for sardines vary by location. Many species of small fish are called sardines and may be sold in stores. However, true sardines are a particular species of fish.
Lent Fish

Lent Fish: Why Is Fish Even Allowed During Lent? The Age-Old Myth

The tradition of going without warm-blooded animal protein likely dates back further than we think, and along the way became intertwined with the global fish market. Why is fish allowed? Are other meats allowed?
Too Much Tuna

Can You Eat Too Much Tuna? Healthy Tuna Portion Sizes

Tuna is delicious and nutritious, but it is important to keep your tuna consumption within healthy levels. Mercury exposure is an important consideration when adding tuna to your diet. So, exactly how much tuna is safe to eat? It depends...